Utrecht University School of Economics has its own study association, ECU'92. They organise all sorts of activities, such as excursions, parties, drinks, receptions and talks. This is a way of quickly getting to know your fellow students. 

Studying at Utrecht University means studying in a vibrant city, with a good atmosphere. Do you wish to get inspired? Check out our students blogs to gain an insight into life in Utrecht from students already studying here.


Curious who will be your classmates?

Since we wish you the best experience at the Utrecht University, it is important that you get to know your classmates and other (international) students. Therefore we suggest you to check the app called: Goin’ (find internationals!). This app, developed by students for students, allows you to get in contact with other students based on your hobbies, interests, your study and more before even being in Utrecht!

You can download the app down here:

Apple: https://apps.apple.com/nl/app/goin-find-internationals/id1484607210

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.coffeeit.goin&gl=NL

Login with the following code to get access: 46835


Team up with a Dutch buddy

We know that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your international experience and education will look and feel very different next semester (and perhaps beyond). To make sure that you feel sufficiently supported within our faculty, we are therefore offering a customized Academic Buddy programme this year, where you will be matched with a buddy from Utrecht University who is planning to study in your home town or country in the future. To take part in this scheme, you should sign up for the Academic Buddy programme


Student organisations

Utrecht bustling student community is made up of many different student organisations. Some of these focus on having a good time while others centre around a religion, a sport or a shared cultural interest (singing, photography). More than 100 of these are officially recognized by Utrecht University as student organisations. 

  • AEGEE Utrecht - Association des Etats Généraux des Etudiants de l'Europe
  • AFD Utrecht - Social entrepreneurship projects in Asia, Africa en Latin America
  • AIESEC - International internships and voluntary work
  • BuddyGoDutch - Organisation that helps international students meet Dutch people so that they can learn about each other’s culture.
  • ESN - Utrecht Erasmus Student Network
  • SIB - Dutch United Nations Student Association
  • Federatie BOCS - Federation Brother Consultation Christian Students 
  • Ichthus - Christian Student Society 
  • NSU - Student Society for Navigators 
  • Sola Scriptura - Debating Society of CSFR 
  • KOSMU - Coordinating body of student music ensembles in Utrecht

Sports Centre Olympos

Sports Centre Olympos (De Uithof) has to offer more than sixty different sports, fitness facilities, tennis courts, squash courts and other facilities.

Student athletes

Students who professionally practise sports can, in some cases, claim extra (financial) support for student athletes.

More sports in Utrecht

For more information on sport in Utrecht visit the website utrecht.nl.

Utrecht University offers a wide variety of cultural events, most of them in Dutch, but some are more internationally oriented

Parnassos cultural centre

Parnassos offers courses in music, theatre, photography, the expressive arts, dance, and much more. You can also watch films, visit concerts and use the facilities that Parnassos offers. More information: Parnassos Cultural Centre.

University museum Utrecht

In the University Museum you can look through the eyes of past and present scientists. Every season the museum offers a new exhibition.

More cultural activities in Utrecht

There are also various choirs, orchestras and other cultural student organisations which you can join.