Utrecht University provides elaborate Information and Technology Service (ITS). If you encounter any problems related to IT services, please contact the IT service desk.

Below you will find information about our most frequently used services.

IT helpdesk

Do you need IT-assistance? There are several ways to get help from a helpdesk. More information is found on the IT Contact page.

You can call them at the telephone number 030-253 4500 (international number: +31 30 253 4500).

On the website of the Economics programme you can find all information about courses, study programmes, the education and examination regulations etc. You can also find information about the research department and general information about Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.). Visit http://students.uu.nl/en and insert the name of your programme.

All information is essential to successfully complete your studies, so make sure you read this information properly!

On the ‘News’ overview we publish information that is of importance to you. We expect you to check this regularly.

At the bottom of the page there are quick links to the most relevant pages, the Student portal, the CoursePlanner and MyTimetable.

The Students Websites are updated regularly. If you find any anomalies or broken links, please inform the Student Information Desk via e-mail (studentdesk.use@uu.nl).

The MyUU app contains your marks in Osiris, your student card and your personal timetable. Download the app from Android and Apple app stores. Once installed you log in with your Solid-id and password. 

The MyUU portal on the student website offers:

  • Your timetable from MyTimetable
  • Your results from OSIRIS
  • Your study progress from OSIRIS
  • Your email from UU-mail
  • Links to frequently used university systems and websites
  • A direct link to the homepage of your study programme

You can access the portal at https://students.uu.nl/myuu or by clicking Log in on the top right corner of this website.

MyTimetable is the timetable website of Utrecht University. Log on using your Solis-id and password.

Solis ID

Students who are enrolled at Utrecht University have received an e-mail containing a UU mail address (your students email address), a Solis-id (your student number that contains 7 digits) and a Solis password.

Your Solis-id and Solis password gives you access to almost all online university facilities. Your Solis-id number is your username. You can change the Solis password at any time (see below).


As a new student, you will receive your Solis-id via e-mail. In that same e-mail, you will find a link to the password portal where you are able to create your password.

More information

More information can be found on the Solis-id page.

Osiris Student is the study information system of Utrecht University. Here you enroll for courses, view your schedule, view test results and make a study progress overview. This is private related information and is protected. Use your Solis ID and password to log in.

  1. Go to https://osiris-student.uu.nl/
  2. Log in with your student number as your user name; your password is your Solis password.
  3. Choose English in the top right corner. 

You can choose from diverse sub menus (by clicking on the buttons on the left). More information will appear as soon as you (are) register(ed) for courses and you receive grades. 

Please note that OSIRIS is linked to Studielink for your personal information and address. Studielink, in turn, is linked to the GBA (city registration desk) and will overwrite your address when you’re not using a GBA address.

For questions about using Osiris Student you can contact the Student Information Desk.

Every student has a Solis-mail address. This address has been sent to your private email address (during your registration).

We expect you to read all emails we send to this email address. Note that University Utrecht communicates information only via your UU mail address.

Please, pay attention to the “netiquette” if you send any emails and always mention your student number.

Our digital learning environment is called Blackboard. It may take a little while before you are able to log into Blackboard if you have just received your Solis-id.

Once logged in on the “MyBlackboard” page, you will find an overview of the Blackboard courses for which you are enrolled. In this electronic learning environment you will find information on the contents of the course, the exercises and sometimes examples of exams are given.

All courses make use of Blackboard and it is an official communication channel, so make sure to check it regularly.

How does Blackboard work?

  1. Open a browser and go to uu.blackboard.com.
  2. Log in with your Solis-id. 
  3. Click on the course you would like to open.

Blackboard App

You will also be able to use the Blackboard app to access Blackboard information on your mobile devices. This app is suitable for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Download the app for free.

In case you receive messages from companies (i.e. STATUU) requesting for mail addresses of fellow students in return for money, please ignore these. Giving personal details to third parties is strictly forbidden!

Need support?

In Blackboard, under ‘Support’ > ‘Support students’, you will find a Quick Start Guide to help you get started. If you encounter any problems or if you have any questions, please contact your faculty’s helpdesk. Contact details can be found under the ‘Information for Students’ tab.

The Course Planner is a digital tool that helps you to plan your studies and find out which courses you still need to take and are eligible to take.  

More information about the courses (such as learning goals, course codes, study materials, course coordinators and tests) can be found in the Course Catalogue.

In all buildings of the university there is a wireless network called Eduroam. You can log into this network with your long Solis-id (solis-id with @soliscom.uu.nl behind it) and your Solis-password.

Please visit our manuals website for (simple) instructions to get access on various operating systems (Android/Apple etc.).

Utrecht University provides many possibilities to print, photocopy and scan documents. You can print your print job at any printer in the university. 

Please have a careful look at the instructions.

To facilitate easy log-in on the printers, you can connect your account to a personal smart card, for example your OV chip card.
Please note: your card is only used to identify you at the printer. Your print credit is linked to your Solis-id. It is not linked in any way with the credit on your OV chip card.

You have to top up your print credit via the online portal using IDEAL or Paypal.

  • Every student is allocated personal storage space for files, known as the U drive, which offers 1GB of space. You access your U drive via a web browser, your own laptop, or one of the university computers.
  • You can use SURFdrive to save your files in the cloud. You can also share these files with other students to be able to work on the same file together.
  • You can use Filesender to send files to everyone, including people outside Utrecht University and organisations that are not connected to SURF. If someone wants to send you files, as a SURF Filesender user you can send them a voucher.
  • MyWorkplace provides you with access to software you need for your study anywhere. It is independent of the operating system installed on your device.
  • UU offers several packages, such as Office 365, that you can install locally on your personal laptop or computer.  
  • You can also purchase software and hardware at a discount from Surfspot. Log in using your Solis-id and password.