The MyUU portal (see the Log In link on the top right of this window) and the MyUU app contain your personal timetable. You can download the app from the Android and Apple app stores. Then log in with the user name you received at registration (your Solis-id/ student number) and the corresponding password.

You can also check your timetable on the UU's schedule website: MyTimetable. You use your Solis-id to log in on this site, too. Your schedule in MyTimetable also automatically appears in the MyUU app and vice-versa.

Linking to your diary

It is easy to link MyTimetable to your own electronic diary. All common formats are supported. You will find detailed instructions on the 'Help’ page in MyTimetable. You might receive an error message when linking to Google Calendar. If so, try again.

The schedule of the retakes will be visible in your MyTimetable if you are eligible for the retake. 

Download the academic calendar, including information about enrolment dates here.

U.S.E. Academic Calendar 2021-2022 (pdf)

Avoid overlap in timeslots of courses

When you register for courses, please take notice of the different timeslots in order to avoid overlap in the timeslots. By checking the timeslots, you can create a feasible schedule. The week is divided into the following timeslots: