New Student

Welcome to the U.S.E. and the Master's programme Banking and Finance. On this page you can find all the information you need to know as you start your Master's in Utrecht.

Orientation Programme

You time at Utrecht will start with an orientation programme where you get to know your fellow students, campus and the programme. You can download it below. Pre-Master's students follow a different orientation programme, which you can also download below.

Download the Orientation Programme for Banking and Finance
Download the Orientation Programme for Pre-Master's Students

Getting Started

Where Do I Find Information on

Schedules and the academic calendar?

Under Academics > Schedules

Study Materials and Books ?

Under Practical Information > Study Materials and Study Facilities.

IT Facilities?

Under Practical Information > IT Facilities

Scholarschips, Tuition Fees and More?

Under Practical Information > Finance.

Finding Housing in Utrecht?

On the UU-wide student website.