How's your energy level? Do you have to keep too many balls in the air? Do you ever experience stress and do you find it difficult to make study choices?

Throughout the year, our wellbeing trainers offer preventive training in dealing with performance pressure, learning to study, making choices, setting priorities and graduation.

It was very informative and a good opportunity to discuss these issues with my classmates and the advisers in a relaxed and open setting. I found it very helpful

Come to one of our workshops

In small groups we actively work on one of the above themes in (free) 2 hour meetings. This will provide you with tools to increase your insight and help you deal with stress or pressure, for example. It is also nice to hear from fellow students what they experience and how they deal with it. Topics that you might not otherwise be able to talk about so quickly are made discussable without it having to be a big problem right away.

It is possible to meet up with people you met in the training and to talk about what has been discussed during the training. We call this intervision groups.

If you are interested, please sign up for one of our workshops by sending an email to Note! For the 18 and 21 November workshops dealing with performance pressure, you can register via Wellbeing Week. For dates and locations, see the agenda at the bottom of this page. Indicate in your mail which day you want to participate!


Wekzijnstrainers GW: Maaike Wouda en Laurens Meindertsma


Maaike Wouda & Laurens Meindertsma
Wellbeing trainers Humanities


12 December 2019 15:15 - studentenwelzijn
Working on decisionmaking and prioritzing leads to a more realistic and feasable plan. Being and staying healthy will be an important focus of the training.
9 January 2020 15:15 - studentenwelzijn
Signaling achievement pressure, creating openness to talk about experiencing achievement pressure, getting inspiration on how to cope with achievement pressure.
14 January 2020 11:00 - studentenwelzijn
How to get the best out of working with your supervisor?