When do you graduate?

You graduate when:

  • you meet the examination requirements from the Education and Examination Regulations (EER) of your programme.
  • all your study results have been registered in OSIRIS.

As soon as the grades you need have been registered in Osiris, you can terminate your enrolment via https://www.studielink.nl. You do not have to wait for the Board of Examiners to notify you of your graduation. Your enrolment will end on the 1st day of the following month. If you graduate in Summer, your enrolment will automatically expire and you will not have to do anything.

What do you need to do in order to graduate?

  • Regularly check your study progress overview in Osiris.
    • Are there any results under Other that should count towards your study programme? If so, please inform the Graduation Office.
    • If you have obtained results outside Utrecht University that are not listed in Osiris, please request approval from the Board of Examiners.
    • Honours minor courses do not count towards your graduation and are therefore listed in Osiris under Other. They will, of course, be listed on your diploma supplement.
  • Is it taking too long for a grade to be registered? In this case, feel free to contact your professor and indicate that you would like to graduate as soon as possible.  
  • Upload your thesis/dissertation to the UU digital thesis archive.

After you graduate

  • Terminate your enrolment as soon as possible via Studielink.
    • Would you like to continue studying? You can, but you will still have to pay tuition fees.
    • Do you want to postpone your graduation and do you meet the requirements? Then submit a request for postponement within 2 weeks of receiving the graduation email.
    • Are you not sure what you would like to do next? Our Career Services offer workshops and advice about future possibilities, jobs, etcetera.
  • If applicable, terminate your student grant and public transport card at DUO.
  • Do you need a graduation statement? Approximately 4 weeks after your exam date, you can request a statement that you have completed your programme at DUO's Diploma Register.

Graduation mail from the Board of Examiners

In the first half of the month following your exam date, you will receive an email from the Board of Examiners confirming that you have graduated.

What next?

Once you have finished your education, you can start looking for a job, continue studying or start a PhD (after you finished your master's programme). Are you not sure what to do next? Check our Career Services for tips, help or advice. And don't forget to register with the UU Alumni Office!

Other questions?

Do you think you have graduated and have you not yet received a notification? Did you obtain (foreign) credits in the past that are not yet listed in OSIRIS? Do you have another question about the graduation procedure? Then contact the Student Desk Humanities.



Has your last grade been registered in Osiris? Make sure to terminate your enrolment with the UU as soon as possible to avoid paying an unnecessary extra month of tuition fees.

  • During the academic year: you have to terminate your enrolment yourself via Studielink. You can terminate your enrolment as soon as all results necessary for your academic programme have been correctly registered in Osiris.Your enrolment will end on the 1st day of the month following the month in which you submit your request to terminate your enrolment (so if you submit a request on 1 February, you will be deregistered as of 1 March). Unfortunately, retroactive unenrolment is not possible.
  • In the summer (June, July, August): your enrolment will automatically expire on 31 August.

If you have any questions about your enrolment, please contact Student Services.

Continue your studies

Don't want to unenroll? After graduating, you can remain enrolled for the rest of the academic year or indicate in Studielink that you want to terminate your enrolment in a later month. Of course, this means you pay tuiton fees until then. Courses taken after your graduation will not be listed on your Diploma Supplement.

Postponing Graduation

Do you meet all graduation requirements but do you want to postpone graduation? This is only possible if you:

  • are going to fulfill an administrative function for which an administrative grant is available at Utrecht University. Contact Student Services to make an appointment with one of the Student Deans, who can advise you on this.
  • are going to follow study components abroad.
  • are going to do an internship.
  • will be taking courses that are required for admission to a master's programme (this is only applicable for current bachelor's students).

To postpone your graduation, you will have to submit a digital request of postponement to the Board of Examiners within 2 weeks after receiving your graduation email.

Diploma and IDS

As proof that you successfully completed your programme, you will receive a diploma as well as an International Diploma Supplement (IDS). The IDS lists, among other things, all  components of your programme and your grades. Your average grade is also printed. In order to make our grades understandable for foreign universities, we include Grading Tables. These show the frequency distribution of the grades awarded by our university. They visualise what percentage of all passing grades awarded in the past three years were a 6.0, a 6.5, a 7.0, and so on.

Graduation Ceremony

In Spring and in Autumn, your programme will organise a graduation ceremony in which you will receive your diploma. This means that quite some time may pass between your exam date and the ceremony. On Instagram, under the tag #proudUUalum, you can find posts from people who have already graduated (and of course you can use this tag yourself too when graduating!).

Are you unable to make it to the graduation ceremony? In that case, you can make an appointment to pick up your diploma at our Student Information Desk Humanities (5 days after the ceremony).

Graduation certificate

Approximately 4 weeks after you have graduated, you can request a statement of graduation from the DUO diploma register. This states your programme's name and the graduation date. You can use this declaration as proof of graduation, for example when you register for a subsequent course or apply for a job.

> More information on verification of educational details

Cum Laude

The Education and Examination Regulations (EER) explain precisely what requirements you must meet in order to graduate with honours (Cum Laude). The Board of Examiners will determine whether you have met the criteria for the honours Cum Laude. Honours will be printed on your diploma and your Diploma Supplement.

Graduation Date

Your exam date is the last day of the month in which your last study result has been registered in Osiris. For example, if your last study result is registered on 23 April in Osiris, your graduation date will be 30 April. At the beginning of each month, the Board of Examiners checks who has met all the examination requirements of the study programme in the previous month, and then determines the graduation date. Results registered in Osiris after the graduation date will not count towards your degree, and will not be listed on the International Diploma Supplement (IDS).

If you are a non-EU/EEA student and hold a residence permit for study purposes, your residence permit is only valid as long as you are enrolled as a student at Utrecht University.

Graduated in 2019-2020
Picking up your diploma

If you graduated before 1 September 2020, your diploma is ready. You can make an appointment to collect your diploma at the Student Information Desk Humanities. Don't forget to bring a valid ID.

Should someone pick up your diploma on your behalf? Send an email to ExamensecretariaatGW@uu.nl

Have your diploma sent by post

If, due to the current coronavirus situation, you are not in a position or feel comfortable coming to the Student Information Desk Humanities, to pick up your diploma, we can send it to you. In that case, please contact the Exam Secretariat via ExamensecretariaatGW@uu.nl.

Due to the hustle and bustle at the office, it may take a few weeks before you receive your diploma. 

Graduation Ceremonies

3 December 2021
The graduation ceremony for bachelor Media and Culture students who graduated before the 31st of August 2021 will take place on the 3d of December 2021. 
8 December 2021
The graduation ceremony for Philosophy students who graduated before the 31st of August will take place on the 8th of December 2021.