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It was very informative and a good opportunity to discuss these issues with my classmates and the advisers in a relaxed and open setting. I found it very helpful

What do the Wellbeing trainers do?

Throughout the year, our wellbeing trainers offer preventive trainings and work groups in dealing with performance pressure, learning to study, making choices, setting priorities and graduation.

What does a workshop or work group look like?

In (free of charge) active meetings we will work with a small group. The meetings will provide you with tools to increase your insight and help you develop the professional and personal skills that can help you during your studies and beyond. You will hear from fellow students what they experience and how they deal with similar situations. Topics that you, in general, might not be comfortable talking about are made discussable without them having to be a big problem right away.

  • If you feel more for having an individual conversation, we refer you to your study advisor or perhaps a "bright conversation" is something for you.
  • If you are facing difficulties planning, keeping structure, writing and studying from home, we refer you to the Skillslab. They offer online writing- and study coaching and will guide you with the practical aspects of studying. 


Maaike Wouda & Laurens Meindertsma
Wellbeing trainers Humanities