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      Studygroup Studying healthy and effectively

      Do you need guidance on planning, motivation, procrastination or the transition to university? Then sign up for the study group Healthy and Effective Studying!

What do the Wellbeing trainers do?

Good health and wellbeing are not only crucial ingredients for a good and effective student life, they contribute to a rewarding professional life after your studies as well. Your daily life and the challenges that come with it influence this. It may all go well for you, but sometimes a helping hand can't hurt. That is why we offer you the opportunity to focus on the personal side of professional development in addition to the academic development you are going through. In that context, we offer various (group) activities to support your well-being.

What else is there?

When personal problems stand in the way of studying, you may also contact the student psychologists or one of the study support groups. In addition, the university offers various courses and workshops that can be useful for your well-being and personal development.


Jannie Oosting, Maartje Postma and Maaike Wouda
Wellbeing trainers Humanities