Going abroad

In this master's programme it is not recommended to study abroad as it's only a 1-year programme. However, there are ways you can go abroad during your studies. On this page you'll find some different options.

Alternatives to an exchange

Summer or winter schools

A programme at a university in the Netherlands or abroad during the summer or winter break. There are many possibilities worldwide. Find out more.

Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (NWIBs)

The Dutch universities run five institutes abroad. These institutes offer courses on location and can help with research or internships on-site. There are many possibilities within the field of Humanities. More info on the NWIB's website (Dutch).

Source- or field research

Studying abroad within the framework of your thesis. Some students choose a subject for their thesis that requires them to carry out source- or field research abroad.

Study trips with your programme

Some study programmes offer the opportunity to go on an excursion or study trip abroad as part of the regular courses.

A trip with a study association

Because you do not receive any study credits for these study trips, they are not considered part of your study. Nevertheless, it can be very instructive.