Absence from lectures

Always contact your lecturer when unable to attend a lecture

» Lectures and corona
Contact your lecturer immediately if you cannot come to class due to quarantine or corona in order to make suitable arrangements for attending and/or catching up.

» If you have to miss education for a longer period of time because of corona
Contact your lecturer as well as your Study Advisor. If you are able to attend your study group online, you might ask a fellow student to switch Teams on for you during class.

Test deregistration due to corona

Fill in the test deregistration form prior to your exam

» Exams on campus
If you are unable to come to an exam due to quarantine or corona, you will have fill in our test deregistration form prior to your exam. You do not have to submit any proof of absence and will be given an alternative test at a later date. This alternative test will then count as your first test. You are still entitled to a repair test afterwards.

» Online exam
If you are unable to take an online test, you will have to submit proof of your absence. For online tests, you will have to abide with the guidelines for reporting ill.

Corona & education

Remain cautious at all times

In education we are currenlty allowing more than is permitted elsewhere. That is why it is important that we all remain cautious:

  • do not come to university if you have any complaints, not even if you are afraid of delaying your studies.
  • cancel your exams and lectures in time.
  • always do the corona check and possibly a self-test when you come to university.

Would you like to speak to a study advisor, but all appointment possibilities are full? Then call during telephone consultation hours.

Reception Desk Drift 10

Visiting the reception desk at Drift 10

For appointments at the reception desk at Drift 10, please come alone and wear a mouth mask.

Questions about the corona virus?