Study abroad

Want to expand your horizons and add extra challenge to your studies? Then follow part of your study programme abroad! On this page you will find information on studying abroad that applies to your study programme. Via the button below you can read all important general information, such as various options, destinations and the application deadline.

General information about Studying Abroad

In semester 1 of year 2 you take research seminars and/or tutorials at advanced level. You are strongly advised to complete a substantial part of your coursework in your second year outside Utrecht University, whether at another Dutch university, a university abroad, or through courses offered by the Dutch national research institutes. 

Plan ahead

Only a limited number of student places are available. Be aware that application for studying abroad is a complicated and time-consuming process and that you should start the process on time.


A number of grants are available and Utrecht University has a number of working agreements with universities and institutions abroad in and outside of Europe.

More information

If you wish to study abroad, please do not hesitate to refer to your tutor or programme coordinator for more information.

Exchange information for Humanities