There are several interdisciplinary honours programmes for Master's students: 

  • Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars​
    You will get a closer understanding of what it means to carry out interdisciplinary research, what obstacles researchers face, how to set-up an interdisciplinary research and how to communicate about research with researchers from other disciplines and laymen. You will also learn how to optimize your writing and presenting of an interdisciplinary research proposal.
  • Leadership programme
    In this programme you will learn all about leadership models and what makes effective leaders. You will acquire leadership public speaking communication skills. You will work on leadership dilemma scenarios and you will have workshops and lectures from some of the most senior leaders in the country from all sectors of society.
  • Young Innovators programme
    Utrecht University offers an honours programme worth 15 credits especially aimed at Master’s students with innovative potential. As a Young Innovator you will be working on the three pillars the programme is built upon: personal leadership, social innovation and being an impact community. One of the ways in which this takes place is by working on current societal challenges for at least the first half year​

Honours programmes can be combined with every Utrecht University Master’s programme, although it is subject to a selection procedure.