Are you planning to follow courses that are not part of your standard curriculum? Put in a request with the Board of Examiners to approve these courses, so that they can count toward your degree. Your can find your standard study programme in the Education and Examination Regulations (see menu on the left).


Have you completed bachelor's courses or a bachelor degree before you were registered as a student at Utrecht University? Or do you have relevant work experience? You may be eligible for exemption for some courses of your study programme.

Osiris Cases

Submitting a request

Log in in Osiris StudentClick on the arrow next to Cases in the top right-hand corner. You will see the My cases window. Then click on the button Start new case. A new window will open. Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off for the new window to open.

You can upload the necessary attachments in My Cases. You can upload the requested documents within the form. If uploading the document is not possible, you can hand it in at the Student Information Desk Humanities. State your student number and the application date on all documents.

When can you expect a decision? 

The Board of Examiners decides on your request within six weeks from the date they have received your complete request. During the summer holidays (July and August) this period may be exceeded. You will receive the decision by e-mail and you will be able to see it in Osiris.


If you have any questions regarding the decision, please contact the Humanities Student Desk. 

Do you disagree with the decision?

If you disagree with the Board's decision you may submit a digital notice of appeal to the Examination Appeals Board of Utrecht University within six weeks of the day on which the decision was announced.

Put in a request for approval if you want to take courses that are not part of your standard study programme.

Courses within Utrecht University

Go to Osiris Student and submit your request (tab 'Cases'). State the courses that you wish to follow. Also indicate how you want to include these courses in your programme, e.g. as an elective, or instead of a compulsary course.

Courses from other Dutch or international universities

A request for approval of courses from other universities consists of two steps:

  • Ask approval prior to taking the course(s) you wish to follow.
    • Upload course description(s), including information on the method(s) of assessment.
  • After completion of the course(s) ask for registration of the obtained credits in Osiris by handing in your transcript listing the courses, grades and credits you have obtained.
    • The transcript must be emailed directly to by the institution where you took the courses. Due to the corona measures it is not possible to hand it in at the Student Desk.

If you have taken different courses than those previously approved by the Board of Examiners, you must put in a new request for approval through Osiris > Case.

Translation to Dutch grades takes place on the basis of this conversion table and the information available on the transcript.

Please note that as of the academic year 2019 - 2020, grades from foreign universities are no longer translated to the Dutch scale (1-10). Instead, they will be converted to the alphanumerical results Pass/Fail.

Exemption may be granted on the basis of credits accumulated before you were registered at Utrecht University, or on the basis of relevant work experience. The Board of Examiners will always assess wether you have fullfilled the learning goals of a specific course or part of the programme, before granting an exemption. 

Previously accumulated credits

Go to Osiris Student and submit your request (tab 'Cases'). Hand in a certified transcript (= a list with the courses, grades and credits you have obtained) at the Student Desk, Drift 10. You can ask the Student Desk Humanities to certify a copy upon showing the original transcript and/or diploma. A scan or copy of a certified document will not be accepted.

Work experience

If your application for exemption is based on relevant work experience, upload a copy of your employment contract and a description of the relevant work experience.

  • Leonard Rutgers (chair)
  • Frank Brandsma
  • Jessica Dijkman
  • Sjoukje van der Meulen
  • Joep Schenk
  • Thijs Weststeijn

The Board of Examiners is assisted by the Board's official secretary, Max de Kruiff.


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