As part of your electives, you can follow one or more practicals of 7.5 EC (on level 3). You can register for this during the course enrolment period. These are courses with priority rules, so be aware of the shorter enrolment period!  

For more detailed course descriptions, see the Course Planner


Workshops offer you the opportunity, as a media and culture scholar, to apply your acquired knowledge and skills in wider society and in the field of media and culture in particular. They often concern an orientation on (part of) the professional practice. You will learn to work on a project independently and/or within a team. 

In addition, workshops help you practice the important skill to communicate orally and in writing about your work with professionals and with other stakeholders in the field. Moreover, all workshops stimulate creativity and efficiency in acting and thinking. All these skills are extremely relevant for your future career.


The workshops are intensive courses. Keep this in mind if you want to register for other courses at the same time. Read the course descriptions carefully. 

All workshops have limited space and give priority to certain groups of students. You can only register for these priority courses in the first 2 weeks of the registration period.