See the Course Planner for a full programme overview of all the courses in the Media and Culture degree. 

Year 1: Core Profiles

During the first year, students take 2 compulsory core profiles of 30 EC each. These core profiles provide an introduction to the key topics, theories and methods of the various specialisations in the Media and Culture degree programme. 

Year 2: Specialisation

At the end of the first year you follow the specialisation Comparative Media Studies. You take your specialisation courses in your second year, all on level 3. If you wish to add courses from another specialisation (Dutch only) to your programme, you may do so as electives.

Entry requirements

When registering for courses, make sure to check the entry requirements. In case of doubt, please contact the course coordinator, who is mentioned in the course descriptions.

In the second year you take the Advanced Trajectory Comparative Media Studies. This tractory consits of 4 courses on level 3. This booklet describes what is on offer in this trajectory, how the programme is composed, and what knowledge and skills you develop. Moreover you will find a detailed list with relevant literature and short descriptions. 

How to enroll in a specialisation?

As a first year student, you register for the first two courses of the specialisation of your choice during the registration period for block 1 and 2.

During the regular course enrolment period, you register yourself for the courses in the specialisation that you wish to do. If your specialisation contains courses with priority rules, you can only register for these and the other courses in the first 2 weeks of the registration period.

Registering your specialisation

Before the course enrolment period in June, the Student Information Desk Humanities will send you an email asking you which specialisation you wish to choose.

More information

Specialisation requirements

  • You must complete one specialisation in its entirety within your Major. It is not possible to replace a course from one specialisation with another course from a different specialisation.
  • If you wish to take courses from another specialisation, you may do so in the electives part of your programme. These courses are taken individually, i.e. you do not need to take the entire profile. 
  • Some courses are offered once every 2 years. If you have attended a course in your second year as part of your specialisation, you can also follow the alternating course in your third year. You can then include these as an elective.

Year 2: academic context course and compulsory elective course

In your second year, you also choose an academic context course as well as a compulsory elective course.

The Academic Context Course in year 2, block 2, teaches you to study Media and Culture in its context.

You do a compulsory elective course (7.5 EC) in year 2, block 1. You choose a course that is related to the academic and social context of Media and Culture.