You can use some of your optional course profile credits (7.5 to a maximum of 15 EC) to complete an internship. You can consult your study advisor to see how to include an internship in your curriculum. If you start your internship before 5 February 2021, your internship with this programme will be arranged through Osiris Cases (see the explanation in the step-by-step plan below). 

For more information, please contact your internship coordinator.

Media and Culture internship

Careers orientation and internship coordinator

It is useful to use part of your electives to do an internship: to gain work experience and build a network. Make sure you contact your internship coordinator well in advance.

What can your internship coordinator help you with?

Explain internship regulations • Find an internship • Link you to an internship supervisor • Set up an internship • Process an internship • Complete an internship • Make an appointment

Step-by-step plan Bachelor’s Internship

Step-by-step plan Bachelor's internship

In the infographic on the right you will find the step-by-step plan for the Bachelor’s internship. You complete each step before continuing with the next step. The steps are briefly explained below. Read these steps carefully, as well as the detailed internship manual (pdf).

Please be aware that the corona pandemic may affect your internship. Read these guidelines to find out what you should keep in mind while the corona measures are still in place.

Download the full infographic of the step-by-step plan internship in the Bachelor's(pdf).