Curriculum Committee


  • dr. Lianne Toussaint (chair)
  • dr. Marijke de Valck (staff member)
  • dr. Dick Zijp (staff member)
  • Sofie Klomp (student member)
  • Mieke Postma (student member)
  • Rachel Erin Harbison (student member)


What is a curriculum committee?

The curriculum committee is a representative body which consists of both students and lecturers. The committee:

  • reports on the Education and Examination Regulations
  • guards the quality of your education
  • addresses problems that might arrise
  • reviews academic education and teaching
  • advises on all academic educational matters

A major source of information are course evaluations ans the annual evaluation of the.Education and Examination Regulations.

Half of the committee consists of students, so do not hesitate to contact them if you have an issue that you think needs to be addressed.