For more information about doing an internship, please consult your Programme Coordinator. In most cases, students organise their own internship, with support from the teaching staff, who have a broad network in government departments, companies and NGOs, and public institutions. Given the time needed to organise an internship, it is essential to think and decide about this early in the programme.

Internship Dashboard: previously done internships

The Internship Dashboard contains previously done internships of the Master's programmes of the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication (LLC), and as such of the Master's Literature Today. You can log in with your Solis-ID and get inspired for your own internship search. When you completed your own internship, you add your internship to the Internship Dashboard to inspire future Literature Today students. With questions you can turn to the coordinator careers orientation, Karen Schoutsen.

Step-by-step plan (Research) Master's internship

The steps below will help you prepare for your internship. Please read these carefully together with the detailed HUM Internship manual – (Research) Master’s (pdf), which includes important information on finding an internship, internships abroad, writing the internship work plan, registering in Osiris, supervision, keeping a logbook and writing the final report and evaluation.

Please be aware that the corona pandemic may affect your internship. Read these guidelines to find out what you should keep in mind while the corona measures are still in place.

More information

If you wish to know more, or if you have any questions about internships, you can contact the Internship Office Humanities.