Master's thesis

Requirements per track

Your thesis is the last course in your Master’s programme in which you apply the skills, knowledge and insights that you have acquired during the year of study. You do independent research and write an academic or practice based thesis (for example after completion of a research internship) based on the gathered information. It is the academic proof of competence and knowledge in the field(s) studied within the Literature Today Master’s programme. In it, you demonstrate that you are able to conduct independent research in the field(s) of study and are able to analyse and critically evaluate a phenomenon or question pertaining to the relevant scholarly debates.

Written exposition

The final product is a written exposition of said research, which has to fulfil the scholarly and formal requirements for advanced MA-research. The final product has to be clearly structured, present the discussion of a central research question and provide an answer to it. The thesis should be around 10.000 words in length. The thesis is 20 EC for students who started in 2022-2023 and 15 EC for students starting in 2023-2024 or 2024-2025. 

Forms and procedures master's thesis

Your Master's thesis will be assessed following specific evaluation procedures. You can prepare for this by reading the following documents and explanations prior to starting your thesis.