Curriculum committees are representative bodies comprised of students as well as lecturers. They are responsible for advising on the Education and Examination Regulations and its annual evaluation, guarding the quality of education and addressing problems that might arrise. If so requested or of its own accord, they advise the Board of the study programme and the dean on all academic educational matters.

The opinion of students play a key role in the tasks of the curriculum committees. Through evaluations of the several programmes and course evaluations, curriculum committees review academic education and teaching. Half of the committee is comprised of students. So do not hesitate to contact them if you have an issue that you think needs to be addressed.


  • Dr. O.R. (Onno) Kosters (chair)     
  • Dr. T.J. (Tom) Idema
  • Dr. N. (Nina) Geerdink  
  • Dr. H. (Haidee) Kotze
  • E.J. (Emily) Evers (student member)
  • M. (Mehrida) Rashidi (student member)
  • F.J. (Floor) Klein Hesselink (student member)
  • D.E. (Daniël) Klok (student member)

You can contact the curriculum committee by email: The Committee advises the following master's programmes:

  • Literature Today/Literatuur vandaag
  • Literair Vertalen
  • Professioneel Vertalen
  • Neerlandistiek