Study abroad

Want to expand your horizons and add extra challenge to your studies? Then follow part of your study programme abroad! On this page you will find information on studying abroad that applies to your study programme. Via the button below you can read all important general information, such as various options, destinations and the application deadline.

General information about Studying Abroad

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Other activities abroad

Besides an exchange or internship, there are several other possibilities to go abroad within the framework of your studies. You can think of summer and winter schools, or source or field research as part of your thesis.

    Specific information for Humanities

    How does the selection process work? 

    For faculty-specific destinations selection we determine your suitability based on your academic background, language proficiency in the language of instruction and chosen courses if applicable. We always start with the first choice. In the event of more applications and equal suitability, we will allocate the places by drawing lots.

    Request approval by Board of Examiners

    Do you know which partner university you will be attending and have you enrolled in courses there? Then you need to request approval from the Board of Examiners for all the courses you will be taking.