Bachelor's thesis

Your Bachelor’s thesis is a “proof of competence.” It is where you showcase your skills in your chosen area of Literary Studies. The Bachelor’s thesis allows you to share the competences and knowledge that you have acquired over the three years of your degree programme.

Thesis subject

Your thesis is linked to a Level 3 course and the paper's contents are relevant to one of the Literary Studies specialisation clusters.


As you write your bachelor’s thesis, your work will be supervised/guided by a member of the Literary Studies teaching team. In order to ensure that supervision tasks are shared equally, supervisors are appointed by the programme coordinator. Please send dr. Barnita Bagchi and email requesting a supervisor at least four weeks before you wish to start on your paper. Please include:

  • your name
  • student number
  • major
  • the name of your most recent level 3 elective
  • the name of your preferred supervisor/ first reader  
  • a short summary of what you wish to explore  (200 words)

You be then assigned a supervisor who you should contact promptly. Prior to this, you could of course talk to teachers about thesis supervision.

Supervisor's expertise

When you choose your preferred supervisor, you will naturally be guided by your experience of their teaching. However, remember that each member of staff has their own field of expertise. Below is a list of supervisors’ names and key words that describe their area of research.

Osiris Cases

Handing in your thesis

Once you have completed your thesis, you must submit it in Osiris (and not via an email to your supervisor). Osiris also provides you with evaluation progress as well as your final grade. 

If your supervisor has indicated that your final paper is ready for assessment, proceed as follows:

  • You upload your thesis in Orisis via Cases > Start case > Case type Thesis and graduation
  • You upload your thesis in Blackboard (to check for plagiarism).

Did you get a pass?

If you have received a satisfactory grade, you will need to upload the final version to Utrecht University's thesis archive. This is mandatory.

  • Go to Osiris Student > Cases
  • Choose Archive & publish thesis - Follow-up Case
  • Archive your thesis

Bachelor theses are not published by default.

Forms and procedures Bachelor's thesis

Your Bachelor's thesis will be assessed following specific evaluation procedures. You can prepare for this by reading the following documents and explanations prior to starting your thesis.

Thesis Archive

Once your thesis has been completed and approved, you will need to upload the final version in our thesis archive via Osiris > Cases. Choose Archive & publish thesis - Follow-up Case and Archive your thesis.