The Bachelor's programme in Literary Studies lasts 3 years and has a study load of 180 EC.

Programme Outline

Which courses you will need to take depends on the year you started your programme. 

Study programme in the Course planner per start year

The Education and Examination Regulations (EER) state exactly which requirements you must meet in order to graduate and what you must do in case you failed to complete any of your courses. You will graduate when you meet all the requirements.

Study plan

Below in the fold-out is an example of a study plan:

Questions about your study plan?

Do you need help with your study planning? You can always refer to My planning in the Course planner or contact your tutor or Study Advisor when you need help choosing which courses to do.

Approval, study progress, marks and entry requirements

If you want to deviate from the exam programme mentioned in the Education and Examination Regulations, you will have to ask for approval beforehand. If your request is approved, it will eventually also be entered into OSIRIS, and incorporated into your examination programme and study progress overview.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Student Information Desk.