Are you unable to take part in a test due to illness or force majeure? In that case, make sure to fill in our test de-registration form before the start of your test.

When can you retake a test?

You may retake (repair) a test in the following cases (all 3 need to apply):

  • If you have an unsatisfactory mark for a compulsory partial test and
  • if you have obtained a final mark for a course between 4 and 5.5 and
  • if you have been unable to take a compulsory partial test or final test due to illness or force majeure and you have deregistered via our test de-registration form.

This applies to all types of tests, i.e. (partial) tests, presentations, oral examinations, papers or other forms of testing.  

Resits in case of illness and force majeur

  1. Fill in the de-registration form before your test starts. You will automatically receive a confirmation. 
  2. Inform your course coordinator by email about your absence in the test (e.g. by sending the confirmation of step 1). For reasons of privacy, you may remove the cause of your absence.
  3. Do you have proof of absence? In that case, submit your proof by email to your Study Advisor, no later than 5 days after your deregistration. Please mention:
    • your name
    • programme name
    • student number
    • course name
    • course code
  4. Submit a resit request to the course coordinator as soon as possible.

The course coordinator will determine the test's form, content and date.

If your request for a resit is rejected

In case your request for an additional or replacement test is rejected and you are of the opinion that you are entitled to it, you may submit your request to the board of examiners. 

Improving a low grade

It is possible to improve a low grade in case of:

  • unsatisfactory marks
    1. if you received an unsatisfactory mark for a required partial test (ie. a test for which you need to obtain a minimum grade, see the course handout for additional instructions)
    2. if you received a low final grade (between 4 and 5.5) and if you have completed all the course requirements, you may be eligible for a one-off attempt to improve that final grade according to EER Article 5.5 (note that the course coordinator sets the exam’s form, content and date).
  • missing an exam following illness or force majeure (see below)
    1. you can sit the regular extra or alternative exam as your first attempt
    2. if you missed the regular exam, so that the extra or alternative exam was your first attempt, you may be eligible to resit the exam once on condition your final grade is no lower than 4.

Illness or force majeure

In order to qualify for a resit you must make sure you deregistered for the test on time (ie. before the exam starts). You should do three things:

  1. Fill in the test de-registration form (only for Humanities students). The cancellation is confirmed automatically.
  2. Inform the course coordinator of the cancellation by email, for example by forwarding the automatic confirmation received. To preserve your privacy, don’t forget to remove the reason for absence before forwarding the confirmation of de-registration.
  3. If you have proof of the reason for the deregistration, please email this to the Study Advisor within five days of cancellation. Please state your name, programme name, student number, and the course name and course code. Below is a list of what can serve as proof.

This guideline applies to exams, partial tests, presentations, oral exams, papers or any other form of testing.

Contact the course coordinator as soon as possible to request a repair option. If you meet the conditions, you will be informed by the course coordinator about the additional or replacement test. The course coordinator will determine the test's form, content and date.

In case of illness or force majeure, you can send proof of this to your Study Advisor. Examples of evidence are:

  • Statement from a doctor
  • Statement from a doctor’s assistant, giving the appointment date and patient’s name
  • Proof of a doctor’s appointment
  • Proof of a corona test appointment
  • A KNMG medical statement, stamped and dated
  • A referral from a doctor, stating the date and patient’s name
  • Copy of a medical prescription, stating the date and patient’s name
  • Copy of a sticker for a prescribed medication, stating the date and patient’s name
  • Statement from a therapist
  • Copy of a funeral notice
  • Copy of a personal wedding invitation
  • Statement from a transport company stating the date, time, duration and nature of a delay
  • Statement (report) from the police