Preparing for a Master's programme

If you are thinking of pursuing a Master's degree once you've finished your Bachelor's programme, there are some things you will need to consider.

Deciding moments

Keep in mind that what you choose to do as your specialisation, minor or electives, for instance, has an effect on which Master's programmes are open to you.

Entry requirements Master's programme

Make sure to check the entry requirements of each Master's programme you might want to do. You can try and choose electives that comply with these entry requirements. The Choose a Master page lists Master's programmes that fit in well with your Bachelor's programme.

Internship and Minor

For some master's programmes, it is useful to do an internship or specific minor. For some minors, the compatible Master's programmes are listed in the minor's description.

Need help?

Your Tutor and your Study Advisor can help you plan and decide what to add to you curriculum.