You can use part of your elective credits (7.5 to a maximum of 15 EC) to do an internship. You arrange your internship via Osiris Case. You can choose between different types of internships:

  • level 2 (practical internship)
  • level 3 (research internship)
  • an internship abroad (this does require more preparation time than an internship in the Netherlands, see the drop-down menu further on this page)

If necessary, discuss with your study advisor how you can fit an internship into your study programme.

The internship procedure

Before and during your internship, you'll go through various steps. We've outlined the key information on this page. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with your internship coordinator. Additionally, you can find extra information about all the steps in the internship manual (under important documents).

Important documents