As a graduate of the Master in Politics and Society in Historical Perspective you have specific insights and skills to offer the job market. You are able to quickly and systematically collect and analyse information and to report your findings. What differentiates you from the graduates of other study programmes is your ability to apply your knowledge of the past to the problems of the present.

Below you find examples of jobs in which an expertise in political history is required.

  • Annelien zur Lage is the Personal Assistant of Dutch Representative Betty de Boer. Betty de Boer is the spokesperson for Public Housing for the political party VVD in the Dutch House of Representatives.
  • Eline Huizinga works as a Programme Secretary for the National Fraud Task Force (Ministry of Security and Justice). The purpose of the National Fraud Task Force is to prevent and combat fraud using public resources. In order to achieve this goal, the office uses a number of measures, from reviewing regulations to cooperating in investigations.
  • Another alumnus of the programme works as a Consultant at Andersson Elffers Felix (AEF). AEF is a consultancy bureau for social issues. The bureau supports governments and public and private organisations bringing about strategic renewal.
  • One of our former students is a Policy Advisor in the EU and External Relations Team of the Scottish government. The Scottish government is currently raising its profile in the international arena and developing a position on the EU and Scotland’s role in the union, due in part to the current debate on Scottish independence.
  • One alumnus started working as a Trainee for the Province of Limburg. Together with the cities of Maastricht, Heerlen and Sittard-Geleen, the Province of Limburg has set up a trainee programme to give young talent the opportunity to develop as skilled multifaceted employees.

In principle, graduates of the Master’s programme in Politics and Society in Historical Perspective are eligible to apply for a PhD position at a Dutch or foreign university, but the programme does not train candidates specifically for this purpose. Students who aim for such a career may be better off choosing the Research Master’s in Modern History 1500-2000.

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There are a number of job market segments where there is a need for people who can tie together the past, present, and future: employees who help shape the future by providing insight into the origins of contemporary society. For example:

  • Policy workers in the public sector (national government and lower levels) or at a semi-public organisation, or consultants who can advise on issues such as political structures, social relationships, and economic developments.
  • Researchers and consultants at important consultation bureaus in these fields, such as the Netherlands Institute for Social Research and the Scientific Council for Government Policy, or parliamentary assistants for political parties.
  • Research journalists and consultants in the media and the business community, with an eye to social issues and socially responsible entrepreneurship.   

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