Financial matters

Extra contributions in addition to tuition fees

Regarding financial contributions in addition to tuition fees, Utrecht University has drawn up a guideline on extra contributions in addition to tuition fees (pdf, 216 kB).
The guidline contains the starting points Utrecht University uses and an explanation of when and under what conditions it is allowed to charge extra fees.


Fund VIGU (translates to Friends of the Institute for History Utrecht University) subsidizes extracurricular activities of students and professors of history programs at Utrecht University.

Fund VIGU has a board of three professors of history from the Department of History and Art History:

  • Marloes Beers (president)
  • Mette Bruinsma (treasurer)
  • Roel Frakking (secretary) 

The board decides, four times each year, about subsidies. Deadlines for applications are: 1 November, 1 Februari, 1 May, and 1 August.

Subsidies are granted to publications, field trips, symposiums etc. Examples: a lustrum of the Utrecht Historical Students' Circle (UHSK), a field trip (organized by students and their professor) to Berlin, museum visits etc.

General rules for subsidies

  • Min. € 10 per person for history students
  • Max. € 40 per person, or 5% of the amount of each student's own contribution


  • € 10 for one-day trips
  • € 20 for trips with 1-4 overnight stays
  • € 30 for trips in Europe with 5 ore more nights
  • € 40 for trips outside Europe

The board will decide about other applications not covered by these rules. There is a maximum of € 1000 per application.

How to apply

Applications should meet the following demands:

  • Applications should be made in a letter, stating the activity and its relation to the study of history in our Department;
  • The letter is addressed to Fonds VIGU, c/o secretary Fonds VIGU, Departement Geschiedenis en Kunstgeschiedenis Universiteit Utrecht, Drift 10, 3512 BS Utrecht;
  • Fund VIGU subsidizes a deficit in your budget, payable post facto. This means that if your activity turns out to have cost less than estimated, you will receive a lower subsidy, or even no subsidy at all.
  • You must submit a conveniently divided budget, allowing for 10% contingencies ("post: onvoorzien");
  • Your budget should mention students' contributions and indicate that you have applied for other subsidies besides the Fund VIGU. Fund VIGU only partially supports your activities.


Email: Roel Frakking (
Mailbox: fonds VIGU Drift 6

Conference grants

Students who wish to participate in international conferences, may apply for a Graduate School of Humanities Conference Grant with a maximum of 500 Euro. Applications can be submitted to the Graduate School of Humanities, including a short motivation. Deadlines for applications are 1 May and 1 December. See for more details the Conference Grant Call (pdf).

Please note! Applicants who do not present at a conference do not qualify for a grant.