On this page you will find letters of welcome of persons who fulfill an imporant function in the History programme. Please read this letters carefully.

Utrecht, June 2020

Dear student,

Welcome to the School of History and Art History at Utrecht University! You have chosen to study at a university and are now embarking on a new stage in your life. This may even be your first experience of living in the Netherlands – in that case, your stay in Utrecht will be particularly exciting.

Your choice to study History at our School means as much to us as it means to you. Your academic career will offer you a unique opportunity to develop your capacities. But to achieve your goals, you will need to invest a lot of time in reading, thinking, analyzing, doing research, discussing, writing and reporting. We, on our part, want to offer you inspirational teaching, involve you in our research and show you how historical expertise can be put to good use, and prepare you for further study or a professional career.

The undergraduate (BA) curriculum of History at Utrecht University is considered to be one of the best in the country and we shall do our utmost to live up to this high standard. We expect you to engage fully with your study, right from day one. An academic study means more than just fulfilling formal requirements. First and foremost it means making the most of everything the university has to offer you in terms of its intellectual, social and cultural life. In our experience, you will profit most from the university if you give it your very best.

Due to the current global pandemic please note the following: It is currently unclear what form education at the UU will take next year, but what is clear is that some of our education will be in the form of distance-learning via online platforms. What other forms of education we will be allowed to use are dependent on the developments around Corona, governmental policy and the university's own policy. The university will keep you informed as to the latest updates.

At times, the university system may seem a little inaccessible, especially at the beginning. Your tutor group (in the School) and your mentor group (organized by the UHSK) will help you feel at home in our community.

On behalf of staff and students of the School of History and Art History we wish you an enjoyable, stimulating and successful stay at Utrecht University.

Best wishes,

Christianne Smit
Director of Studies of History and Art History

Leen Dorsman
Head of Department of History and Art History

To the bachelor students History year of arrival 2020-2021

Dear first year students, History is a wonderful study. In the first year of study, you will be offered a great deal of knowledge at the various introduction courses. You will also have to acquire the necessary academic skills. In the later years of study, there is plenty of room for creativity and the student's own interpretation of the study programme.

As study counselors for the History programme, we would like to give you an impression of the study guidance for our programme. For the first year students a thorough guidance has been developed. This guidance is important because studying history is not without obligation. For the binding study advice (BSA), a minimum of 45 EC (credits) is required in the first year of the study programme.

On August 31 you start the academic year with an introduction. This is an introduction to the subject matter with information about the content and structure of the first-year study programme. Student mentors accompany the first year students during the introduction. You will also meet fellow students, tutors and get to know the Utrecht Historical Students Circle (UHSK), the study association of History students. Part of the introduction may be online. You will receive further information on the programme and which parts will be online Presence at the introduction is mandatory.

In the first semester, students follow all courses in the same seminar group. This allows you to get to know your peers. At the moment it is not yet known which part of the curriculum is offered online and which part is offerd on campus. Of course, as with the introduction, you will receive more information about this.

The lectures of the various courses are given by specialists in the field. In addition to these course instructors, there is one permanent tutoring teacher per seminar group who will guide the students throughout the year. The course instructor changes course by course, the tutoring instructor remains the same throughout the year for the student. During the academic year, tutoring is provided on a regular basis through individual interviews and group meetings.

The study advisor is also a fixed point of contact for the student. The tutor may refer the student to the study advisor in the event of complicated study planning or in the event of study delay due to special personal circumstances. The student may also come directly to the study advisor if, for example, there are questions about the binding study advice, about the examination regulations or exemptions within the study programme. If there are any questions about the introduction, the student can initially contact the introductory committee. In case of special personal circumstances it is better to send me a message directly as a study advisor via StudieadviesGeschiedenis.gw@uu.nl

Good luck in the coming year!

Evelien Hazewinkel, Laurens Meindertsma & Stefan Vuurens study counselors

Dear first-year students,

Welcome! We as the Introduction Committee of the study History would like to officially welcome you to your first year of studying in Utrecht. The Introduction Period which takes place in the first week of September, is slightly different this year. Due to the global coronavirus we had to alter the program and come up with new and exciting ways to properly introduce you to your new study environment. However, we are no less excited to welcome you all at the University of Utrecht.

The Monday of the Introduction Period is mandatory for all first-year History students. On this day you will get to know the department, your tutor and, for example, your mentors. Your tutor will give you study advice during your first year and you can come to them with questions or if you have any other issues. Your mentors are second- and third-year history students who are excited and committed to helping you find your way during your first year.

The other introductory activities during the first week are optional, but we strongly advise you to partake! The activities will be fun, and more importantly, they are a great way for you to get in touch with your new student community, a very important asset during a pandemic. You need to sign up for the city tour via the registration form and the rest of the activities (Tuesday until Friday) are also not mandatory.

On Tuesday you will get to know Utrecht better through the city tour. The city tour will highlight the most beautiful parts of Utrecht and will also take you past the various university buildings that are important for anyone who studies history here to know. Would you like to join us? Then don't forget to register via the registration form or via the website. On Wednesday evening there will be an online pub quiz, during and after which you can get to know your fellow students better!

On the Thursday of the introduction week you can take a look at the study association of the study of history: the UHSK. The UHSK has more than 20 committees, all of which organize fun activities throughout the year. Would you also like to do something besides your studies next year, and be more involved in the student life? Then take a look at the committee market!

On the Friday of the introduction week you will meet your teachers of the first block. By attending this event, you will get to meet the seminar group teachers of the first two courses and get to know your seminar group even better. You will remain in the same seminar group throughout the first year in order to further create a sense of stability and community. So, take the time to bond!

Are you curious about all the activities of the introduction period? Then take a look at our program down below! Do you have any questions? Please email us! For further information, changes or updates regarding the introduction period, we will keep you informed via our website and via our social media!

We hope to see you all!


Jelle, Sophie, Sam, Dimitris, Christa and Pieter

The Introduction Committee | icgeschiedenis.gw@uu.nl | Instagram: @introductie_geschiedenis | Facebook: Introductie Geschiedenis 2020

Dear first years / Lieve eerstejaars,

Every year, the study association of history (or the UHSK) is run by a group of enthusiastic and dedicated student of History, this group will have an overview over the study association and will organize (with its committees) many fun and informative activities! This upcoming year we’re hopefully going to be the ones to fulfil that role. We’ll all shortly introduce ourselves and hopefully see you at the introduction camp and in the upcoming year after that!

Hey! My name is Maartje and next year I’ll be in my fourth year of studying history! My parents live in Rhenen, so I grew up near a lot of meadows and animals which I love! At my parents’ home I have dogs and horses, so I go to Rhenen a lot in the weekends. I also like to sport and party. My favourite UHSK- activities are the trips, diner-rouler and the open mic night! I hope to see a lot of you next year and you can always ask my help or opinion on anything!

Hi there! My name is Dimitris and you’ll probably know me as the Commissioner for History of this year’s Introduction Committee. I am a third-year international student from South Africa and Cyprus, and when it comes to my studies I focus mostly on cultural history. One of my favourite things to do is taking care of all the beautiful plants I have, which are currently overflowing my room. I also enjoy reading a lot, cooking up new recipes to suffice my great appetite and occasionally dabbling in amateur photography. On a sunny day you will find me outside enjoying the good weather like any proper islander. But since good weather is rare here, I can be found in the library, or at any UHSK event, all of which make me feel as warm inside as any good sunny day!

Hi! My name is Jasper and coming year I hope to be a board member of the UHSK. I'm a third year student and member of the UHSK. My hobbies are cooking, menswear and football. I'm also very interested in politics. I also do a lot with education. If you have a question about anything come and ask me! I tend to have a strong opinion, or knowledge (as I always think), on anything. I hope to see you next year at one of our events. It is the lustrum of the UHSK next year, so there'll be lots to do!

Hi! My name is Livia and next year I’m a third-year history and second-year business economics student. In my spare time I like hanging out with friends, attending UHSK activities and going out. I have partied a lot with the UHSK Party Committee, which is highly recommended!

I’m looking forward to meet you all next year!

Hi everyone! My name is Lennart and next year will be my fourth year of studying history. In these past three years I’ve discovered a passion for writing. So besides writing papers for university, I also write for fun for the Argus (the magazine of the UHSK). I also sporadically like to paint or go for a run, but more than anything I like to enjoy my time with my good friends and make new friends. I am looking forward to meeting all of you and will also be helping some of you guys out in the first-years committee. I’m always open for fun or serious conversations!

Hi guys! My name is Sam and you’ll probably know me as Commissioner Faculty Day of this year’s Introduction Committee. Next year I will be a third-year History student. In my spare time I like to play and watch soccer, make music, drink beers with friends and go out a lot. At the UHSK I made a lot of new friends! In my first year I joined the Party Committee and in my second year the Alumni committee. Being in a committee at the UHSK is so nice and I highly recommend you guys to join a committee next year!! 

I’m looking forward to meeting you all next year!!

Stay safe and lots of love,
Jasper, Sam, Livia, Dimitris, Lennart & Maartje