In order to participate in education at Utrecht University, you must register for courses per semester. You are automatically registered in all required courses in the first year; in the second year, you have to do this yourself. You must also not forget to re-enrol in your programme each year.

Before you register for a course, check whether you meet the entry requirements. Also be aware of the registration deadlines for other faculties.

Course registration

You register for courses in OSIRIS. Every block has a fixed registration period and a few change days on which you can register for courses that still have places available, the so-called change-of-enrolment days.

The most up-to-date list of available courses, enrolment codes and associated timeslots can be found in the course catalogue and the course planner.

  • Semester 1 timetable will be published mid-August.
  • Semester 2 timetable will be published mid-January.


Each course falls within one or two timeslots (A, B, C, D, E, or a combination of these letters). You take your compulsory courses in various timeslots.

If a letter combination is indicated for a course (e.g. CD), the course falls within both timeslots and you should make sure that the rest of your courses fall in the other slots (i.e. A and/or B). Not all hours of the timeslot will be taken up by the course itself. The enrolment page in OSIRIS Student also shows the timeslot(s) in which each course is offered .

Please note that registering for courses in corresponding timeslots can lead to an overlap in lectures and/or exams. If you register for courses in matching time-slots, we are not responsible for any overlap in education and/or exams.

Registration periods 2019-2020
Block 1 and 2 (Semester I)

3 June – 30 June 2019

Block 3 and 4 (Semester II)

28 October – 24 November 2019

Before you sign up for a course, make sure you check the entrance requirements. Also take into account the enrolment periods of other faculties.

Change-of-enrolment days

The change-of-enrolment days are shortly before the start of each block. During these days you can register for courses that still offer places.  you can change days. Make sure you are on time (registration starts at 9:00), because many courses only have a limited number of places. A week in advance we will publish a list of courses that are still open for enrolment.

Course unsubscription

Do not forget to unsubscribe from a course if you decide not to attend after all. You can do so via OSIRIS. This is possible up to and including the first week of the block in which the course is given, after that it is no longer possible and an 'ND' (not participated) will appear on your file.

Terminating your degree programme enrolment

If you want to terminate your enrolment in the degree programme, you need to submit a 'Request for de-enrolment' in Studielink (under 'My degree programmes' > select the degree programme for which you want to terminate your enrolment > 'Request for de-enrolment'). Studielink will subsequently send you a confirmation. Before you do this, it is helpful to carefully read exactly what you need to take into account.

Re-enrolling in your degree programme

You must re-enrol in your degree programme in Studielink every year. You can do so from 1 June until at the latest 31 August. You need a DigiD in order to submit your request to re-enrol. Make sure that your email address in Studielink is always up-to-date: decisions about your enrolment are sent to that email address.

You have until the start of the new academic year (31 August at the latest) to terminate your enrolment.

Read more about re-enrolment