The Skills Lab provides free coaching in writing and studying, and organises events on the subject of writing and studying. Moreover, we offer you an overview of what extracurricular courses, workshops, electronic tools, etc. are available within this University. 

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Study Advisor
Every degree programme has its own Study Advisor who is fully informed about the programme’s curriculum. The Study Advisor can answer your questions about the study programme and provide support or recommendations for your studies.

You should also consult the Study Advisor if you are having problems that are affecting your ability to study effectively, such as personal problems, illness or problems with study skills or if you are falling behind.  More information is available on the pages of your degree programme (on 'Advice and counselling').

Do you need help with making choices within your degree programme? Are you falling behind in your studies or are you looking for new challenges? Your tutor is the first point of contact. Your tutor is a teacher from your degree programme and teaches first-year classes.

Mentors are higher-year students who can answer questions you may have about your degree, the university and Utrecht. Not every programme has mentors, so you should ask your tutor if they are available for your programme.

More information is available on the general page 'Advice and counselling'.

There are many courses in the field of (academic) skills and courses to help you in your academic career. Below you will find a list of all providers:

Unable to find what you are looking for? Contact us or visit us at the second floor of the University Library Utrecht Science Park.

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