To participate in your studies you have to register for courses every semester.

Course registration

You register per semester for courses via OSIRIS. Choose courses that do not fall into the same time slot. Use the Course Planner or the Course Catalogue to see what is available for you and make a schedule of what you want to do.

Have you changed your mind?

If you decide that you do not want to take a course after all, make sure you quickly deregister for this course in OSIRIS. This is possible up to and including the first week of the block in which the course is given.

Courses with available places

Shortly before the start of each block, we have change of enrolment days. During these days, you can register for courses with available places.

The change of enrolment day for block 3 are from 20 January 9.00 to 21 January 23.59. Make sure you're on time, because there's often limited space. A week in advance we will publish a list of courses that are still open for registration.

Courses with limited space

Some courses have limited space and give priority to certain groups of students. For these courses you can register for semester 2 until November 11 at 12:00 noon at the latest. Subscribe on time!

On November 15th we will announce whether you are placed for these courses. Are you a minor student? Then you can send us an email from 16 November to ask if you are placed.

Useful dates

Oct 28 0.00 to 24 Nov 23.59
course registration block 3 and 4

11 Nov 12.00
registration priority-rules courses ends

15 Nov
placement priority-rules courses

24 Nov
final day course registration block 3 and 4

educational schedule for semester 2 known

20 and 21 Jan
change of enrolment days block 3

30 and 31 Mar
change of enrolment days block 4

What to consider when registering for courses?
Instructional format

Select all instructional formats by ticking the boxes.

Entrance requirements

Before you register, check if you meet all the entrance requirements. As a rule, this is checked after the course registration. If you do not meet the requirements, you are not allowed to participate. In this case, you must wait until the change-of-enrolment days before you can register for another course.


Prevent overlap in the schedules. Before you register, check in which time slots (see Schedules) the courses are offered.

Group preference

Please keep in mind that your preference for a particular group cannot always be met.

Registration periods other faculties

Be informed in time of the registration periods of other faculties.

You can re-enrol as of 1 June. Make sure to finalise your re-enrolment before 1 September! If you are not enrolled before 1 September you cannot participate in the courses and exams of the first period. The re-enrolment procedure may differ per situation. Read more about (Re)-enrolment.

Please note: It is only possible to enrol with a starting date of 1 September. There is one exception; if you’re starting a Master’s programme with an official starting date in February, then you may enrol as of 1 February. Other exceptions are only possible with the explicit permission of your department or Faculty.

You can cancel your enrolment (application) until the start of your study programme. When enrolling per 1 September, you can cancel until 31 August at the latest, or 31 January at the latest if you are enrolling per 1 February (a starting date that applies to some programmes). In either case, you will not be required to pay any tuition fees.

If you want to unsubscribe for your education at the University of Utrecht, there are a number of things that you need to arrange. Read more about Termination of enrolment.

Have you graduated, or is your graduation coming up? Check wat you have to be mindful of.