The Master's Programme Gender Studies (Research) lasts for two years and has a 120 EC study load. The academic year is divided into 4 blocks. Each block you take 15 EC worth of courses. Please also check the Graduate Gender Studies website.


Check out the programme outline. The Course planner contains an overview of the courses in your study programme's exam requirements, including useful information about individual courses:

Below you will find a detailed description of your curriculum (for all students that started in academic years 2022 or later)

Your mentor and/or the programme coordinator are available if you require assistance selecting your courses. As a student of this programme, you may also take the supplementary course Academic Writing in English. You can choose between three tracks:

Programme specification

Exam requirements

When you start this programme, you will be registered for its exam programme. This is a 'translation' of the exam requirements described in the Education and Examination Regulations. In order to complete your Master's programme you will need to meet the exam requirements.

Study Progress Overview (SPO)

Your Study Progress Overview lists all of your current results, and tells you how far along you are in meeting your exam requirements. View your Study Progress Overview in OSIRIS > tab Progress.