Student Government and Participation

At Utrecht University, there are all kinds of places where you can think about education:

  • Programme Committee (OC): the quality of the education in your study programme
  • Faculty Council (FR): the faculty policy in the area of education, research, finances, personnel & organisation (together with the faculty board) 
  • The Board of Education Directors: educational matters and developments within the faculty. 
  • The University Council: UU policy in the field of education, research, finance, personnel & organisation (together with the UU Executive Board). 
  • Student Assessor: discussing new policy with the faculty board and the Executive Board. 
  • Departmental Assessor: checks the OC and the quality of education in a department and advises the board from a student perspective. 

There are different forms of participation: student participation, advice and participation. Participation is on the administrative side of the organisation, student participation on the controlling side and advisors are in between.  

Do you want to get involved? 

Then sign up for one of our representative bodies. You will gain a lot of experience and learn to think and decide constructively about changes and improvements in a big organisation.

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