Student Government and Participation

Within the university, there are various places where you can engage in conversations about education and other student affairs. Students ensure that the student perspective is represented at various levels.

Student representatives are engaged in the following issues:

  • Curriculum Committee (OC): the quality of the education in your study programme
  • Faculty Council (FR): the faculty policy in the area of education, research, finances, personnel & organisation (together with the faculty board) 
  • The Board of Education Directors: educational matters and developments within the faculty. 
  • The University Council: UU policy in the field of education, research, finance, personnel & organisation (together with the UU Executive Board). 
  • Student Assessor Humanities: discussing new faculty policy with the faculty board. 
  • Student Assessor Executive Board: discussing new university policies with the Executive Board. 
  • Departmental Assessor: checks the OC and the quality of education in a department and advises the board from a student perspective. 

Would you like to join the discussion?

Then sign up for one of these positions. You will learn to think along about changes and improvements in a large organization. More information and opportunities for board scholarships for students who are members of a representative advisory body can be found here.