Choose a Master

Once you have completed your bachelor's programme, you can start looking for a job or continue your studies. Are you still hesitant what to do next? In that case, you can visit Career Services for tips, help or advice.

Keep in mind that some masters may have entry requirements (such as an average of 7 in your bachelor's programme or some required courses).

Choose a Master

With your Bachelor's degree in your pocket, you can take a master's degree in order to specialize further. The Bachelor's degree in English Language and Culture prepares you for the following Masters:

One-year Master's programmes

Two-year (Research) Master's programmes

Wish to become a teacher?

If you want to become a teacher in secondary education, you have 2 options:

  • Become a teacher with first degree competence:
    • 1-year teacher training
      You can do this after a master's degree in the subject matter. You will then have the same opportunities as in the two-year teacher training programme.
    • 2-year teacher training
      ​This master's programme will train you to be a first-degree lecturer in secondary education. You will then be able to work in the lower and upper secondary schools of VMBO, HAVO and VWO in the Netherlands.
  • Becoming a teacher with a second-degree qualification
    • Follow an educational minor within your bachelor's programme
    • Once you have completed your bachelor's degree, follow an educational module

Other Master's programmes


Help selecting a master's programme

Are you still not sure what to do next? Or do you hesitate to do a master's programme at all?