Group Experiration Renewal Mail
18 January 2021
From Friday January 22th it’s possible that you receive an email from Microsoft that mentions an expiring group.
14 January 2021
Due to the corona crisis Utrecht University has opted for a generic reduction of 7.5 credits for first-year students in study year 2020-2021.
16 December 2020
Guidelines on bachelor internships during the COVID-19 pandemic
Bord rookvrij terrein
10 December 2020
Starting from 1 January 2021, Utrecht University will be legally required to ban smoking on the premises, and the government will enforce the ban.
8 December 2020
Er is tijdelijk toegang geweest tot een account van een UU-medewerker/student waarbij mogelijk toegang tot persoonsgegevens. Lees waar je op kunt letten.




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