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You will meet your fellow students and your tutor during the orientation. You will also receive information about all sorts of practical matters, such as ICT, academic supervision and the binding recommendation regarding the continuation of studies. 

Dear student,

It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been (conditionally) admitted to our Bachelor’s programme in English Language and Culture. Congratulations!

Corona update
At the moment, it is still impossible to predict the impact of the ongoing pandemic on our university. We will keep you up to date, should there be any changes regarding the information below and the next academic year. You can also check the latest updates to stay informed of developments at Utrecht University in response to the crisis. For now, we wish you strength and good health for the coming period.

Although it may still seem far away, we hope to welcome you to the programme’s orientation from 6 to 10 September. Due to the pandemic, this may be in different circumstances than we are used to, but we will try our best to make you feel welcome! By mid-July you will receive more detailed information. International students will also receive an invitation for the UU Warm Welcome. Before that, you can look up our student association, Albion, on their website, where you’ll also find all of the back issues of student magazine Phoenix to read. It’s full of culture, literature, student life and light entertainment; highly recommended! Furthermore, you can take a look at our programme’s page for new students.

For international students

Are you not joining us?
Have you decided not to join our programme in September? That’s very unfortunate, but you could help us and yourself a lot by cancelling your application in Studielink.

Students with special needs
Utrecht University wants all of its students to be able to study without limitations. If you have a disability, such as dyslexia, that may affect your study progress or your access to our education, you can apply for special facilities and support.

You can apply for practical provisions via Osiris Student from July 1. Please also make an appointment with your study advisor. If you cannot log in to Osiris Student yet, make an appointment with your study advisor anyway. Any information you provide will remain confidential.

Should you have any questions concerning the application procedure, please contact the Student Desk (if you have a Dutch educational background) or our Admissions Office (if you have a non-Dutch educational background). If you have any questions concerning the programme, you can contact us at:

We wish you a good summer and look forward to meeting you in September!

Kind regards,
Dr Anna Poletti and Dr Koen Sebregts
Programme Coordinators English Language and Culture

Dear new English students,

The introduction days of the English Language and Culture program are taking place next week. This mail serves to inform you about the activities on these days. As mentioned previously, these activities will take place on Monday 6 September and Thursday 9 September. The Monday introduction will be focused on the program and the university, and the Thursday introduction offers social activities. On Monday, we will be expecting you in Utrecht at 9:00 a.m. To adhere to Covid regulations, the first general meeting will be happening synchronously at two locations: Seminar Group 01, 02, and 03 will gather at Kromme Nieuwegracht 80 – room 006, and Seminar Groups 04, 05, and 06 at Drift 21 – room 032. It is important that you come to the right location. To see how to check which group you are in, see the instruction 'How to find your Tutorgroup' on this page.

The Monday program will take up the entire day. Lunch and dinner will therefore be provided for free. On Thursday 9 September, we organize two optional activities. From 15:00 onwards there will be a picknick in Griftpark (take the bus to station Kleinesingel, we’ll meet you there). Lunch is not included, but we will make sure there are plenty of snacks and drinks. Following that you can join for dinner at TGI Fridays at an additional low cost of €10 at 17:30. For us to be able to order the right amount of food on Monday and seats at the restaurant on Thursday, please fill in this form (even if you are not joining).

Then finally one word on the Covid measures during the introduction. Please make absolutely sure that you bring a face mask with you, as wearing one is mandatory when moving between rooms in university buildings. Furthermore, we and the instructors of the program encourage keeping them on in the big lecture rooms. We are very happy to be able to organize these activities physically again. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to attend Monday, please contact your tutor about this via e-mail.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Kind Regards,

The Introduction Committee 2020-21

1. Log in at Osiris Student.
2. Click on the pencil and paper symbol: 'Enrol''.
3. Click on 'Show my enrolments'. 
4. Go to the course Eng-Tutoraat Engels Basis (EN1V14001).
5. You can find your groupnumber under 'Seminar'. 

Still having trouble finding your group? Use this instruction with screenshots.   

Monday 6 September 09:00u
Location orienation group 1, 2 and 3: Kromme Nieuwegracht 80, room 006
Location orienation group 4, 5 and 6: Drift 21, room 032

- Dutch below -

Dear soon-to-be firsties,

This is a message to you from the Introduction Camp Committee of English Language & Culture. Unfortunately, the introduction camp in September has been cancelled, but don’t worry, because we are working on postponing the camp to a later time in the academic year. You will hear from us about this later. However, we are currently organising an activity that aims to get you familiarised with study association Albion and all your peers. We will do so on Sunday, 5 September by means of a lovely trip to a theme park, zoo, or something else, against payment of a small fee. We are currently working hard on the organisation of this day and to see what the possibilities are, so we will announce the final plans later to the people who sign up through the following link. Are you interested and would you like to know what the final plans are? Let us know by signing up through the following link. No worries, by signing up now you are not obliged to paying yet and you can still cancel. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email us:

Sign up here

Kind regards,
Anouk, Corine & Vera
KampCie 2021

- - - - - - - - - -

Beste aankomende eerstejaars,

Dit is een bericht namens de Introductiekamp Commissie van de studie Engelse Taal & Cultuur. Helaas kan de introductiekamp in september niet doorgaan, maar geen zorgen, want het kamp wordt uitgesteld tot een later punt in het academisch jaar. Hierover hoor je later meer van ons. Wat we wel aan het organiseren zijn, is een activiteit dat je vertrouwd maakt met de studievereniging Albion en met je studiegenoten. Dit zal plaatsvinden op zondag, 5 september en zal zich vormgeven als een uitje naar een pretpark, dierentuin of iets anders, tegen een kleine bijdrage. We zijn momenteel nog aan het kijken wat alle mogelijkheden zijn, dus dat zullen we later laten weten aan de mensen die zich opgeven via de onderstaande link. Ben je geïnteresseerd en wil je graag weten wat de uiteindelijke plannen zijn? Laat ons dat weten door je op te geven via de inschrijflink. Geen zorgen, als je je nu opgeeft ben je nog niet verplicht om te betalen en kun je nog afzeggen. Mocht je vragen hebben, schroom dan niet om ons te mailen:

Schrijf je hier in! 

Warme groetjes,
Anouk, Corine & Vera
KampCie 2021

In the Courseplanner you are able to see which books you need for each course. For all courses you are able to buy the textbooks with a discount via Studystore if you choose to become an Albion member.

For more information, please visit the Albion website.

In order for you to be able to successfully participate in your BA programme English Language and Culture, you will require some basic knowledge of grammatical concepts and some basic competence in sentence analysis. All first-year students English Language and Culture are required to take a basic grammar test. The purpose of the test is to assess your knowledge of basic grammatical concepts and your competence in linguistic analysis. On this page you find all the information about the grammar test.

This bachelor is subject to a binding study advice (BSA). The BSA is a decision by the Board of Examiners about the continuation of your studies, based on your study progress. Please visit this page for the BSA information.