Programme re-enrolment

You have to register each year for your education in order to be able to participate in the education and to use all facilities. It is not possible to register after 1 September. Exceptions to this rule are only possible with the permission of the Faculty of Humanities. For more information, please contact the Student Information Desk Humanities.

You can cancel your registration until 31 August.

Termination of enrolment / refund of tuition fees

If you want to deregister from your study programme, you must submit a Request for termination of enrolment in Studielink. You will be deregistered on the 1st of the month following your Request for terminatio of enrolment (so if you deregister in March, your enrolment will be terminated on 1 April). If you deregister, your right to a student grant will also lapse. You have to stop this yourself at DUO.

You cannot terminate your enrolment retroactively. You can, however, specify a later deregistration date. 

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