Specialisation registration

How to enroll in a specialisation?

At the end of your first year, you will have to choose your specialisation. In Osiris you need to register:

  • your specialisation (via Enrolment > Specialisation)
  • the various courses that are part of your specialisation
    • Courses block 1 and 2 during the course registration period in June
    • Courses block 3 and 4 in autumn

Make sure you register your specialisation in the first 2 weeks of the registration period in June. In case your specialisation contains courses with priority rules, you will need to register for these courses in the first 2 weeks of the registration period.

More information

  • Course registration periods Humanities

    • 31 Oct -
      25 Nov

      Course registration Humanities block 3 and 4

      Between 31 October 0.00 and 25 November 23.59 you can register for Humanities courses block 3 and 4. Priority-rules course registration ends 14 November 12:00.