What should you do?

  1. State before June 12th that you expect to graduate this summer and you do not wish to ask for a postponement of your graduation by use of this form
    Legally we will have to wait two weeks with the official registration of your graduation, because you have the right to make a request for postponement of graduation within 14 days after receiving the notification of graduation. If you state you do not want to request a postponement we do not have to wait two weeks. And you can request a declaration of graduation sooner.
    If you do you want to follow extra courses after meeting the programme requirements, then keep in mind that you have to request the Board of examiners for postponement of your graduation. See: Graduation > Postponement of graduation.
  2. Finish all your courses
    Please note that in the months July and August you are not entitled to supervision. If you do want to work on your thesis during the summer, please contact your supervisor(s) to see what your options are.
  3. Upload your thesis in Igitur (thesis archive)
    Go to > your programme > Academics > Study Programme > Graduation > Uploading Master’s thesis
  4. Terminate your enrolment
    If your exam date is after May 31, you do not need to disenroll, for you cannot get tuition fee refunds during the summer months. Your enrolment ends September 1st. Do not forget to discontinue your financial aid.

You can find all relevant information on this topic at: > Practical information > Enrolment > Graduation


When you meet all of the programme requirements, as described in the Education and Examination Regulations, you graduate. See > see > your programme > Practical information > Academic policies and procedures.

The Board of Examiners of your programme will determine whether you have graduated and what your graduation date is. This is the last day of the month in which:

  • All of your study results/grades have been registered in Osiris (so nót the exam date on your Study Progress Review)
  • You satisfy all of the examination requirements for your study programme

You can request your declaration of graduation as soon as you receive the email about your graduation. This states your graduation date. You can use this certificate as proof of graduation, for enrolment in another study programme or for job applications. You will receive your diploma later, during the festive ceremony. For more information see: > your programme > Academics > Study Programme > Graduation.

Course results obtained after your graduation will not be listed on your International Diploma Supplement (IDS) or count toward your Grade Point Average (GPA).