Education and Examination Regulations


  • Daniël Janssen (chair)
  • Mauro Bonazzi
  • Harald Hendrix
  • David Pascoe
  • Remco Raben
  • Stephan Werning

The Board of Examiners is assisted by the Board's official secretary, Noor Blaauw.

Contact information

Board of Examiners
Concerning: <name study programme>
Drift 10

Requests to the Board of Examiners (for approval or exemption) have to be in writing, using the appropriate form. In case the forms are insufficient for your request, you may send a letter to the Board of Examiners. A request or letter can be handed in at the Student Desk Humanities for the attention of the 'Board of Examiners Cultural History'.

For questions to the Board of Examiners -about how to fill in the forms- please contact the Student Desk Humanities. They can help you or refer you to the Board of Examiners or the Board Office if necessary.

Do you have questions about your Master's programme's exam requirements? Check the Education and Examination Regulations carefully. If you would like to discuss the options available within your study programme, you can contact your Master's programme's Programme Coordinator or Study Advisor.

Curriculum Committe

The Curriculum Committee has advisory rights with respect to the Education and Examination Regulations.