The Master's programme Cultural History and Heritage has a 60 EC course load. Please refer to the Fact Sheet as a supplement to the student website and as a guide during your academic years.

Study programme

  • The Course planner contains an overview of the courses in your study programme's exam requirements, including useful information about individual courses. Note that you choose the right academic year!
  • For a detailed description of the various components of your study programme, see below an explanation per semester.

Exam requirements

When you start this programme, you will be registered for its exam programme. The exam requirements are described in detail in the Education and Examination Regulations. In order to complete your Master's programme you will need to meet these exam requirements.

Dutch or English track

This master's programme has a Dutch and an English track. Both groups follow the same courses, only in different languages. You must  indicate your language preference before the start of the programme. If you command both languages, you may take some modules in Dutch and others in English.

Parttime students

It is possible to follow this programme in two instead of one year. Lectures usually take place during the day, although some components, such as the thesis, can be supervised in consultation and by appointment. Always discuss the options with the programme coordinator

Study Progress Report (SPR)

Your study progress report lists all of your current results, and tells you how far along you are in meeting your exam requirements. View your study progress report in OSIRIS > tab Progress.

Making a change

In your report you can check if all your achieved results have been properly recorded and are listed under the correct heading. If you find any results under 'Other' that you would like to include in your study programme, or if you have other changes to make, follow these steps:

  • Go to Osiris Student > Cases > My cases > Start a new case by using the plus icon in the bottom right corner. 
  • A new window will open. Make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off for the new window to open. 
  • Choose Request Board of Examiners. Select case type Approval courses UU or SVO changes.