The questions below only apply to the Humanities faculty. If you have any questions about courses or regulations outside the Humanities, please contact the relevant faculty information desk. Is your question not listed here? Mail the Student Information Desk:

I'm a Humanities student and I have a question


  • What does our education look like in block 1?
    The education in block 1 is largely offered online, and where possible on location. Check your courses in the CoursePlanner to see where they are being taught: online or partially online. In the case of on-campus education, the 1.5-metre rule continues to apply. When drawing up the timetables, the spread of mobility and avoidance of rush hour will be taken into account. In principle, there will be no teaching at the weekend. Instructional training (like many lectures) takes place online by definition, so that lecture halls can be used for other educational activities. In the case of work lectures, a maximum of one third of the students can be present in the hall, while two thirds of the group follow the work lecture online from home at the same time. For more information on online teachng, see our tips for attending online lectures.
  • To what extent is taken into account taken that online education can make studying more difficult?
    We fully understand that online education has certain drawbacks. On the other hand, this form of education also has its advantages. For example, you don't lose time by traveling and you it is easier to watch back a lecture. If you still have problems with this form of education, you can go to the Skills Lab website for tips. If you still have questions about online learning, or about the consequences of online education for your study progress, ask your instructor or Study Advisor.


  • What if I have to take an on-campus test and I am unable to come?
    Instead of doing the test on-campus, y​​​​ou can take it online if you study abroad, have health problems, belong to a high-risk group or live with someone from a high-risk group. It is important that you inform the course coordinator as well as your Study Advisor no later than 5 working days before the test. You will be given an alternative test online. In case you fall ill on the day of the test, please let us know via the Test de-registration form.

Study delay

  • What does it mean if I have a study delay due to Corona? To what extent is this taken into account?
    If you have or have had Corona, and as a result of this you have a delay in your studies, you can apply for financial compensation due to force majeure. If you have not had corona, but you do suffer a study delay due to the measures relating to the corona virus, a separate arrangement will be made for this. Utrecht University is currently drawing up a separate regulation. On our page about force majeure you will find more information about this under the heading Study delay as a result of the corona virus.
  • Because of corona, I can't continue my studies as planned. What are my options?
    It is only natural that under the present circumstances you may be worried about your study progress or the future, you may be experiencing stress or facing insurmountable problems, for example illness yourself or in your family, or other cases of force majeure. In this case, the best thing for you to do is to contact your Study Advisor. They can advise you about your best course of action and act as intermediary if a customised solution is required. 

Study Abroad & Internship

  • The on-campus exchange programmes for outgoing and incoming students in the academic year 2021-2022 are continued conditionally. What does this mean?
    In early April 2021, the Utrecht University Executive Board has decided that all physical exchange set to take place during the first semester of next year may continue under the condition that the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs permits travelling abroad. This means that, at this moment, we encourage you to continue any necessary preparations. Your host university might make a decision about your exchange in the coming weeks. You will be notified as soon as possible in case we have an important update about your exchange.
    For more information about the UU exchange programmes, please visit our page on Travel & exchange
  • I want to go abroad for an internship, is that possible?
    No. Please contact your internship coordinator to discuss the possibilities. Travel is of course only possible with travel advice code green or yellow. In case of code orange or red it is not allowed to travel and, in accordance with the well-known guidelines that are also on the website, it is not allowed to travel.
  • I would like to do an internship. What should I do?
    • Bachelor students: please contact your department’s internship coordinator as well as your internship contact within your programme.
    • Master students: please contact your programme coordinator if you have any questions - unless you are already in touch with your programme’s internship coordinator or an internship supervisor: in that case, please contact them.


  • Will I be able to graduate this year?
    Yes, you can. The Graduation Office will inform you once you have met all requirements for graduation and explain the graduation procedure.
  • When will I have my graduation ceremony?
    For all students who graduated in the academic year 2019-2020, we will organize a graduation ceremony in the autumn (subject to no tightening of the corona measures). You can find the date of the graduation ceremony on the website of your study programme. Unfortunately, you cannot take guests with you. However, livestream will be used. You will receive more information about this via email.
  • Is it possible to pick up my diploma now?
    Students who graduated before March 2020 can book an appointment to pick up their diploma at the Student Information Desk Humanities. Did you graduate after March? Then you have to wait until 5 days after the graduation ceremony before you can pick up your diploma. 
  • Can I still graduate cum laude if my study progress is delayed due to the coronavirus?
    On a once-only basis we have decided that in order to be eligible for cum laude, as a Humanities student, you will have five months longer to do so (until 31 January 2021). The other conditions of eligibility for a cum laude degree classification continue to apply. These conditions can be found in Article 6.2 of the Education and Examination Regulations (OER).


  • How can I obtain a certified transcript of my grades?
    Please contact the Student Information Desk Humanities. They can provide you with a digital transcript of your grades. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a signed and stamped transcript right now, but the Student Information Desk can send your transcript directly to a third party (such as another university or an employer) if necessary. 


  • Who can I turn to within the UU in case I experience extra stress due to corona virus?
    • ​If you wish to share experiences with fellow students:you can take part in an intervision group Studying from home organised by the Wellbeing trainers Humanities.
    • Do you prefer to talk individually about what you are experiencing? In that case, you can make an appointment with your Study Advisor (make an appointment via the Student Information Desk Humanities, 030 253 6285) or you can book an appointment for a 'bright conversation'.
    • When you need help with personal problems and study problems: the student psychologists can offer you (short-term) help or treatment for study-related or personal problems. 
    • In case you wish some assistance in planning, keeping structure, writing and studying from home: our Skillslab can help you with online writing and study coaching as well asnd help with the practical aspects of studying.