4 June 2021
Sing up someone for the Student Award of Special Merit at the time of corona! Win, among other things, a cash prize of €500.00 and an interview.
28 May 2021
The travel advice for students of the Faculty of Humanities has been adjusted. Read here what can and cannot be done.
24 May 2021
The compensation for students who take longer to graduate has been extended by Corona. You will receive the money automatically via DUO.
20 May 2021
The corona regulation concerning Cum Laude graduation at the Faculty of Humanities has been extended by half a year.



Questions about the corona virus?

Do you have a question about the coronavirus regarding Utrecht University? Let us know by sending an email to coronavirus@uu.nl.

Other questions?

Contact the Student Information Desk Humanities, email: studentdesk.hum@uu.nl 

Top 5 most frequently asked questions
How do I know where my lectures are?

In the Course Planner you will find for each course whether it is taught online or partly at the University. If you can't make it to the campus, you can always follow a course entirely online.

What happens if I have a test on campus and I won't be able to attend?

If you study abroad, have health problems, belong to a high-risk group or live with someone in a high-risk group, you can take an alternative test online to replace the test on campus. Please inform the course coordinator as well as your Study Advisor no later than 5 working days before the test. Are you ill on the day of the test? If so, please let us know via the test de-registration form.

Is the Student Information Desk Humanities front desk still closed?

We are open by appointment for the following things:

  • collect a certified transcript or graduation statement
  • have a diploma copy certified
  • have documents signed
  • pick up your diploma (only available for students with a graduation date before March 1, 2020)
  • to collect or hand in other documents

But you're always welcome to mail, app or call us!

Is my graduation ceremony going ahead?

All graduation ceremonies have been cancelled until November 11th. Did you graduate in the academic year 2019-2020 and  has your ceremony been cancelled? In that case, you can pick up your diploma at the Student Information Desk Humanities . You can only do so by appointment. For more updates, see our information page on graduation.

Who can I turn to within the UU in case I experience extra stress due to corona virus?

Sharing experiences: in the intervision group Studying from home organised by the Wellbeing trainers Humanities you can discuss your experiences and feelings of inconvenience with fellow students.

Individual conversation: your own Study Advisor (make an appointment via the Student Information Desk Humanities, 030 253 6285) or make an appointment for a 'bright conversation'.

Help with personal problems and study problems: the student psychologists can offer you (short-term) help or treatment for study-related or personal problems. 

Planning, keeping structure, writing and studying from home: Skillslab offers online writing and study coaching and help with the practical aspects of studying. 


Please pay attention to our House rules in buildings because of corona.