Group tutorials

Group Tutorials

During the second semester, there are five group tutorials, in which you share (learning) experiences regarding thesis and internship with your fellow students. The group tutorials serve to stimulate your reflection on internship activities, to follow your progress regarding the thesis, and to help to get a grip on academic writing processes. Helpful comments, tips, good and bad practices, problems and solutions will be exchanged in an open atmosphere. The majority of these group tutorials will be peer-to-peer coaching sessions. Attending these sessions is mandatory. Therefore, when organising your internship, make sure that you are able to be present. We will only make exceptions for students whose internships are abroad.

The group tutorials are organised according to a specific format that needs to be followed precisely in order to get the most out of these meetings.

In the afternoon we provide the possibility for Open Space Labs: sessions that are programmed/curated by the students, for instance by inviting a guest (dramaturgs, programmers, artists, etc.), to organize a workshop, to share practices, etc. More information will be provided in due time.