Whom to contact when

Various support staff are available at Utrecht University to help you with any questions, support or tailored advice related to your degree that you may need during your studies.

» Roadmap for student guidance

Programme-specific questions

Within your programme, you can turn to the following people for advise:


  • Lecturer
    For questions or uncertainties about a course.
  • Your tutor
    For questions relating to the contents of the programme. Your tutor draws up a study plan for the first year in consultation with you and the Programme Coordinator. The tutor is an experienced lecturer-researcher from the relevant discipline.
  • Programme Coordinator
    For questions related to the full programme's contents. You may contact your Programme Coordinator for information, questions and advice regaridng (the composition of) your programme, internships and studying abroad.

Practical matters

  • Study Advisor
    For complex questions or problems relating to study choices, planning and progress. Your Study Advisor is a confidential advisor. He or she can help you with problems involving academic motivation, delays, exemptions, absence from exams, studying abroad, a plan of study that does not follow the conventional routes etc.Your Study Advisor can help you with questions about the more formal aspects of planning and putting together your degree programme and your study progress or lack thereof. 
  • Student Information Desk Humanities
    You can turn to the Student Information Desk for study-related questions and information about practical matters involving education.
  • Student Services
    You can contact Student Service for information about studying at Utrecht University in general, such as information about your enrolment, tuition fees, student grants, accommodation, administrative grants and Studielink.
  • ICT helpdesk ITS
    Questions about IT • printing and copying • Solis ID

Educating & challenging yourself

  • International Office Humanities
    Studying abroad • Erasmus grants • choosing a university abroad • exchange forms
  • Internship coordinator
    Finding an internshoip • finding an internship supervisor
  • Career Services
    Career planning • career training • assessments of your application letter • individual career consultation • workshops and activities • CV check
  • Skills Lab
    Workshops on improving your academic skills • writing skills training courses • learing how to study/research/communicate more effectively study

Other issues

  • Wellbeing trainers Humanities
    Workshops in dealing with performance pressure, learning to study, making choices, setting priorities and graduation.
  • Student Psychologist
    A student psychologist can help you resolve personal and study-related problems that can interfere with your academic progress.  

More information and contact details

Questions not related to your study programme

In some cases you may want to consult someone who is not related to your specific study programme. For example, if you fall behind due to extenuating circumstances or mental health issues, and it is not possible to correct this through an adjustment in your programme. If this is the case, you may use the contacts mentioned below.

We have put together some study tips and useful links and offer a number of workshops which can help you as well.

The roadmap in detail

  1. Start: Is my question education related? >  YES: go to step 3 / NO: go to step 2
  2. It’s about…
  3. Is it related to studying? > YES: go to step 4 / NO: go to step 5
  4. More specifically…
  5. Is it related to (mental) health? > YES: go to step 6 / I GUESS: go to step 7
  6. More specifically…
  7. Topics: