Student Information Desk Humanities: for all students of the Faculty of Humanities!

Make an appointment to visit us

You can only visit the Student Information Desk Humanities and the International Office by appointment. Unfortunately, without an appointment, we cannot welcome you.

Wear a mouth mask, bring your ID and come by yourself!

When to visit our International Office?

You can make an appointment to visit our International Office for information relating to exchange:

  • questions
  • signing documents

Issues for which you can visit the Student Information Desk Humanities

In the tool below you can make an appointment to:

  • collect a certified transcript or graduation statement
    If you want to pick up a graduation statement, please contact the Examensecretariaat GW ( before booking an appointment.
  • have a diploma copy certified
  • have documents signed
  • pick up your diploma (for students with a graduation of 31-8-2021 or ealier)
  • to collect or hand in other documents

Are you not a student at the Faculty of Humanities? If so, you will need to contact your own Student Desk. To be sure, please refer to the overview of all programmes for which you can contact us.

Picking a date for an appointment

You can schedule an appointment with the Student Information Desk below (for appointments with the International Office, you can send an email). If the booking module does not load, please check whether or not something is blocking the tool (such as Privacy Badger) and turn it off for this tool. You can also try the direct link to the appointment tool.