Round off table final grades
From 5 to 5,5

Round off to 5

From 5,5 to 6,25

Round off to 6

From 6,25 to 6,75

Round off to 6,5

From 6,75 to 7,25

Round off to 7

From 7,25 to 7,75

Round off to 7,5

From 7,75 to 8,25

Round off to 8

From 8,25 to 8,75

Round off to 8,5

From 8,75 to 9,25

Round off to 9

From 9,25 to 9,75

Round off to 9,5

From 9,75 to 10

Round off to 10


Final grades for courses are indicated on a scale from number 1 till 10. Grades below 5 are not rounded off, grades below 6 are rounded off to whole grades, grades above 6 are rounded off to half grades.

A 5 (or lower) is a failing grade, a 6 (or higher) is a passing grade.

In the course descriptions in the Course Catalogue is explained on the basis of what tests the lecturer determines the final grades of a course and how the result of each test factures in (weighing). It also states if you have to pass a minimum grade for a test. In the case of test results and final results it is possible to enter grades with decimals.

The final result is determined on the basis of the given weighing and the minimum marks of the tests. If tests are taken several times, the most recent grade counts. If there is more than one final result, the most recent grade counts. After the appropriate results are determined, they are rounded off according to the table above.

Alphanumeric Grades

Alphanumeric grades are given in the following cases:

  • If you are registered for a course, but have not participated in any exam segments, you will receive a NP (Not Participated).
  • If you are registered for a course, but have not completed one or more of the exam segments, you will receive a NC (Not Completed).
  • If you have received an exemption for a course, you will receive an EX (EXemption) for that course.
  • If the Examination Committee has determined that fraud has occurred, you may receive a FR (FRaud) for a course.