Study abroad

Want to expand your horizons and add extra challenge to your studies? Then follow part of your study programme abroad! On this page you will find information on studying abroad that applies to your study programme. Via the button below you can read all important general information, such as various options, destinations and the application deadline.

General information about Studying Abroad

In semester 1 of year 2 you take research seminars and/or tutorials at advanced level. You are strongly advised to complete a substantial part of your coursework in your second year outside the Faculty of Humanities, for instance abroad at other universities in Europe or the US.

Depending on the degree programme, you may take courses, undertake a research project or go on an internship abroad, resulting in a total of 30 EC to take back to Utrecht.

Exchange Partners

In addition to the various opportunities offered by the Faculty (including the Universities of California; the University of Wisconsin, Madison; and the State University of New York at Binghamtom), the Research Master's programme in Comparative Literary Studies also has close contacts with a number of Universities abroad where students may follow modules. These include the universities of Leeds, Canterbury, Lisbon, Bologna, Mannheim, Berlin, and University College Dublin. They may also avail of a number of university exchange schemes including ones with the University of California, the University of Toronto, and Macquarie University, Sydney.


In any exchange agreement only a limited number of student places are available. Admission will occur on a competitive basis and the host university will take the final decision on admission. You should be aware that applying for studying abroad is a complicated and time-consuming process and that you should start the process on time.

General information

Below you will find general information about the possibilities to study abroad during your programme at Utrecht University.

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