Internship RMA Comparative Literary Studies

As a Comparative Literary Studies student you may take an internship (for 7.5-15 EC) as one of your electives in year 2 (block 1 and/or 2). An internship allows you to orientate yourself towards possible professions and to participate in the labour market. The internship has a substantial research component.

On this page you will find all the information you need to prepare for and successfully finalise your internship. When preparing for an internship, please get in touch with Anna Poletti (the CLS internship coordinator) well in advance. She will help you find a supervising lecturer and can check if the internship meets the requirements. As well please read the CLS internship documents guide

Internship objectives

  • You gain experience as a professional in the work field of literature and culture/literary and cultural studies.
  • You learn how to apply the acquired knowledge of modern literary and cultural studies to institutions or companies in the work field and to report on this learning experience in an academic and self-reflexive manner.
  • You learn how to test and evaluate your academic understanding of the field during the placement (to the extent they relate to each other).
  • You apply in practice the knowledge and competences acquired during your academic study.  

Internship product and assessment

You complete the internship by writing an internship report of approximately 3.000 words, with relevant materials produced during your internship as appendices. The report will be graded by your supervising lecturer.

Where could you do an internship?

The internship is preferably a placement at an institution or company outside of the department, and should involve original research and the writing up of research results. There are different internship options students can arrange with the help of the CLS coordinator and core team to meet their research and professional interests: teaching internships, research internships with colleagues at UU or other NL universities; internships at (academic) publishers, museums, and other cultural institutions.

Internship Dashboard: previously done internships

The Internship Dashboard contains previously done internships of the (Research) Master's programmes of the Department of Languages, Literature and Communication (LLC), and as such of the RMA CLS. You can log in with your Solis-ID and get inspired for your own internship search. At the end of your own internship, you add your internship to the Internship Dashboard to inspire future CLS students. With questions you can turn to the coordinator careers orientation, Karen Schoutsen.


General HUM Step-by-step plan and forms - (Research) Master's internship

The steps below will help you prepare for your internship and show you the required documents per step. Please read these carefully together with the detailed HUM Internship manual – (Research) Master’s (pdf), which includes important information on finding an internship, internships abroad, writing the internship work plan, registering in Osiris, supervision, keeping a logbook and writing the final report and evaluation.

More information

If you want to know more, or if you have any questions about internships, you can contact the Internship Office Humanities.